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    2020年7月8日 · engineerai,ai-technology,ai-innovation
    Part of the challenge is discovering business prerequisites that can be fulfilled using AI — inferring the familiar maxim of an answer looking for an issue. A considerable lot of the emerging technologies around Artificial Intelligence are interesting, yet it's as yet hazy how organizations can...
    2020年6月29日 · ai-engineer,ai-technology,engineering-ai
    The world is amidst a historical turning point. The COVID-19 pandemic has adequately stopped life as we once knew it, and left the open question, "what will our world look like when 'normal' life resumes?" While we don't have a precious stone ball that permits us to look into the future, history...
    2020年6月26日 · engineerai,engineerai-company,engineerai-revenue
    In Engineer.ai, they believe that anybody, independent of specialized knowledge, ought to have the option to assemble and work innovation. How? They are an AI-helped platform building bespoke software for their clients, making it quicker, progressively open, and more affordable for everybody....
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