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· engineerai,builderai,software builder,engineerai-gurgaon /, the platform that allows anyone to build applications and software without knowing how to build the code, announced that it has a huge potential for digital disruption in the Middle East by opening a new office space in Dubai. is now in an optimal position to help its customers in the region easily and cost-effectively develop their software ideas and go to market soon with their AI assembly line. The move has led to rapid growth on the right hand side of the builder, which now operates in 5 locations including London, Los Angeles, Delhi, Tokyo and Dubai, with 275 employees around the world. already serves a growing number of companies in the Middle East. In all verticals in the market for SMBs, startups and enterprises, ( provides the much needed standardization and transparency in managing and scaling your apps through software and application development as well as automation and built-in support teams.

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